Your Cheetah Spot, Alan Strachan Alan Strachan

Alan Strachan has worked with wildlife for over 40 years, from aardwolves to zebras. For the past 30 years, he has specialized in Cheetahs and African Painted Dogs. Born in Scotland, Alan sees South Africa as his home.

Alan's Book Champion of Cheetahs; was recently published and you can order it, by going onto the link below.
Your Cheetah Spot, Linda Rosenlöf Linda Rosenlöf

Linda Rosenlöf is an Artist, Book smith and Cheetah whispurrer; ABC for wildlife artist, photographer and writer. Most things Linda does in life, she does with an ABC-approach to it and she recently published her latest photography book; A Book of Confidence; that you can order from Your Cheetah Spot. Shortly it will be available on Amazon too. Originally from Sweden, Linda has travelled all over Africa to capture her magnificent photographs.

As you can see, her favourite animal, like Alan's, is the cheetah and she is a furrm believer that she is Always Blessed by Cheetahs.
Your Cheetah Spot, Preeti Narsing Preeti Narsing

Preeti Narsing is the mastermind behind the Amazing, Brilliant and Creative artwork, featured on this website and in Alan's & Linda's books. She sprinkles her Preeti dust over Your Cheetah Spot's material and has the extra-ordinary ability to turn scribbles and sketches into purrfection. Alan & Linda both feel that our friendship with Preeti was written in the stars and in life, Preeti has the qualities of an angel.
Your Cheetah Spot, Maria Back Maria Bäck

Maria is a gold smith, collaborating with Your Cheetah Spot to have our unique cheetah jewelry designs come to life. Maria started Maria's Jewellery, in 2012, which arose from a dream of Maria's to create and design her own silver and gold jewelry. Maria finds a lot of her inspiration from nature and she likes rough surfaces and to create contrasts in between different materials. By playing with different surfaces and mixing in different details of gold on silver or dark oxidized silver parts on gold jewelry, she creates exciting jewelry with lots of character. To Maria, the biggest joy lies in creating something which is unique and her own, both when she designs herself and in collaboration with clients.

Maria is not linked to any physical shop but sells her jewelry via her website: You can also get in contact with her on the following e-mail:
Your Cheetah Spot, Your Surprise Giving is Fun

Your Cheetah Spot has a brilliant collaboration with to make sure you can order one of our unique designs in combination with their great and personal photo gifts. is a company based in the Netherlands and they ship their personal photo gifts worldwide.

You can do all your shopping with us and once you check out, we will place the order for you and make sure your photo products, with the unique designs are sent to you.
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